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Garmin zūmo XT Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Get ready to save big on Garmin zūmo XT Black Friday Deals. Here we mentioned some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2022.

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Garmin zūmo XT Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

For one thing, the zūmo XT is slightly larger and heavier. This means it’s probably going to be a bit bulkier than the zūmo ten and more likely to catch things like branches, leaves, and twigs on rides. Check out Garmin Montana 700 Black Friday.

Garmin zūmo XT Black Friday

Extra Size

The extra size might be an advantage when it comes to fitting the zūmo XT into places like your helmet visor or your bike’s frame, as it’s significantly larger than the zūmo 10.


While the display is certainly more “glove-friendly”, the zūmo XT seems more of a hassle to use while wearing gloves, compared to the zūmo 10. The zūmo ten is easy to hold in your hand while wearing gloves, and it’s much easier to reach controls and buttons with your gloved fingers.


And while the zūmo XT has the same top-of-screen controls, the buttons on the top are different. In the end, I think this is probably a little less convenient than the zūmo 10, but I can live with that. While the zūmo ten only allows users to search for BirdsEye points, the zūmo XT also will enable you to download and save your own GPX files. There’s also a preloaded TOPO US map that you can download to your device, but you can’t share it. However, you can buy TOPO US maps on-device to download and share with other zūmos.


The 5.5” display is brighter than previous models and can be seen in any light. It’s also glove-friendly with crisp HD resolution in landscape or portrait mode. Go confidently into every ride with a navigator built to withstand all kinds of weather (IPX7) and rough terrain.


With the backlight set at 100% brightness, the battery lasts up to 3.5 hours and can go up to 6 hours on regular settings. Or you can hard-wire to constant power for longer adventures.

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