Razer Leviathan Black Friday

RAZER Leviathan Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The RAZER Leviathan is here and it’s better than ever this Black Friday! This sleek and powerful soundbar will bring your gaming experience to a whole new level. It’s loaded with advanced features including Dolby Technology and a powerful downward firing subwoofer to bring you the most immersive gaming sounds. But, the RAZER Leviathan isn’t just limited to gaming. You can also connect it to your TV for an enhanced cinematic experience. And now, with the amazing Black Friday deal, you won’t have to break the bank to take your gaming or movie nights to the next level.

RAZER Leviathan Subwoofer Black Friday

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The Razer Leviathan, the world’s most potent subwoofer, redefines your audio world right in your living room—your haven for movies and gaming. With a peak power output of up to 200 watts and an 18-ohm speaker impedance, the Leviathan immerses you in crystal-clear, deep bass, revolutionizing your music experience. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of built-in Bluetooth® audio streaming and a user-friendly remote control, all powered by an impressive 16-hour battery life for wireless listening anywhere.

Razer Leviathan Black Friday


  • Large Soundbar with a 10-speaker array
    • Powered by eight high-power amplifiers and two high-current digital signal processors
    • Centralized control through a single amplifier board
  • USB input for seamless connection to your computer or smartphone
  • Bluetooth compatibility for wireless music streaming from your mobile devices


The Leviathan’s subwoofer is a game-changer, delivering impactful bass without overwhelming volume. Elevate your movie and music experiences while enriching the Leviathan’s sound quality. Its versatility extends beyond entertainment; it enhances the ambiance of both your living room and bedroom.


In summary, the Razer Leviathan stands as a remarkable soundbar, accompanied by top-tier cables to enhance your overall experience. With its sleek, portable, and lightweight design, it seamlessly integrates into your TV or home cinema system, guaranteeing unparalleled sound quality.

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