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Sonos Roam Lunar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Get ready to save big on Sonos Roam Lunar Black Friday Deals. Here we mentioned some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2022.

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Sonos Roam White Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

I’ve had my Roam for a few weeks now, and I’m very impressed. It’s one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers I’ve heard, and it’s packed with lots of features that make it worth the price. Check out Sennheiser Ambeo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals.

Sonos Roam - Lunar White Black Friday

Bluetooth Speakers

I don’t normally use Bluetooth speakers in my apartment because I get distracted easily, but Roam does a great job of keeping me focused on the music while still letting me hear outside noises. It doesn’t get confused like most Bluetooth speakers do, and it’s super easy to pair with a Bluetooth device.

Strong Pairing

I was able to pair it with my phone, laptop, and various audio apps, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. It was also able to connect to my Sonos One and play music throughout my entire home.

EQ System

Roam’s Trueplay EQ system automatically adjusts bass and treble levels, giving you the best possible sound no matter where you place it. It also gives you the option of switching between the two presets to fine-tune it even further.

Auto Adjust

The speaker automatically adjusts the volume based on where you place it, so you can sit and enjoy your tunes as quietly or loudly as you want. The speaker can also detect when you move around the room, adjusting accordingly.


I also really liked how versatile Roam is. It can be used horizontally, vertically, or on a stand. This lets you set it in multiple places, and it can even be attached to the ceiling using the included suction cup. Even though Roam is fairly large, it’s very lightweight at only 8 pounds, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying around a brick when you’re walking around your house.


Roam uses Sonos’ new wireless charging technology to wirelessly recharge, so it doesn’t need any cables. The speaker is also water resistant, so it can handle rain, splashes, and spills. If you plan on going camping or hiking, Roam has a weatherproof coating that protects the speaker against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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